[FANCAM] 130524 2NE1 at Korea University’s Festival


Can’t Nobody

I Love You

I Am The Best

Go Away

(Source: 21NOKIO)

2NE1′s super cute talk+intro @ Korea University

Full Translation:

CL: Everyone, are you having fun? We’ll be starting with our self introductions.
Hello I’m the baddest gizibe(girl) in the world, CL!
Bom: Hello I’m the outrageous and silly gizibe Park Bom!
Dara: Hello I’m the cute and fresh gizibe Dara!
Minzy: Hello I’m the youngest gizibe Minzy!

CL: Do you know why we’re saying gizibe gizibe?
Audience: YES!
CL: You don’t actually know right?? < Doubts audience
Why am I being like this unnie? (CL is too shy to promote her own song heh)
Bom: ah! Do you know what’s coming out on the 28th for CL?
That’s right! Her single is coming out
Everyone: Woo!
Dara: yes.. Bad gizibe CL! Ah please don’t misunderstand (that Dara is calling CL a bad girl for no reason), for those of you who don’t know yet, the song’s name is “Nappeun Gizibe” (The Baddest Female)
CL: Yes, this is my first solo after debuting for almost 5 years now
You will anticipate it lots right?
Everyone: YES
CL: Really?
Everyone: YES!!
Dara: Ms Park Bom, have you actually heard the song?
Bom: Yes I did
Dara: How it it?
Bom: I’ve never heard anything like it so far. It’s not a song that’s this genre.. I think it’s a song that will cause a big sensation
Dara: That’s right, I’ve heard it too. It’s really really cool and because it’s a secret, so we’ll stop here. You’ll be able to meet with it on the 28th so please do look forward to it~
Everyone: WHOO

CL: That’s it for my solo. Everyone you’re ready to play right?
Ah I can’t really hear the screams well!
How can that be so?
We even wore red today cos we’re going to Korea University! (Red is Korea U’s official colour)
(Can’t hear)
The next song is!
Slightly slower,

Source: Nokiov
Translated by: mickayye/nyldeabcd@CLTheBaddestFemale.com (CLTBF)


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