[ARTICLE] 150330 YG Life: “CL on UMF 2015 in Miami… Joint Performance with Skrillex and Puff Daddy”

“CL on UMF 2015 in Miami…
Joint Performance with Skrillex and Puff Daddy”

[TV리포트=김가영 기자] CL who is to debut in the United States soon is drawing a big attention, for her first performance in the country with world-famous dub step DJ Skrillex, Diplo, and American hip-hop mogul Puff Daddy, in front of 100,000 people.

CL made a surprise appearance on Skrillex’s ending stage for the last day of “Ultra Music Festival(UMF)” held on March 27 to 29 (local time) at Bay Front Park in Miami, Florida. As many as 100,000 people were present at the festival and more than 6.87 million viewers around the world watched it through live-broadcasting.

CL staged a collaboration performance with Skillex, Diplo, and Puff Daddy who stood on UMF’s finale stage as headliners, to show a perfect harmony. CL made a surprise appearance on the stage of Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe”.

She caught the eyes of the 100,000 people there with her powerful rapping and performance. She was acclaimed by the audience, by showing a perfect and veteran live performance on the stage splendidly produced with LED video system, laser, and lighting.

CL thrilled the audience with the performance of “Dirty Vibe”, and went on to catch the eyes of the audiences with her passionate rapping and gestures, singing her solo song “MTBD”. The performance of “MTBD” displayed at UMF was a remixed version rearranged to the beat of Diddy’s “It’s all about the Benjamin’s”. CL swept the stage with Puff Daddy who joined CL on the stage in the latter half of the performance.

CL enjoyed the music festival until the very end of Skrillex’s stage, greeting the cheering audience with Puff Daddy, Justin Bieber, and other artists who performed with Skrillex.

2015. 3. 30.

(Source: YG-Life)


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