[INTERVIEW] 150427 Yang Hyun Suk: “CL is a Cool Girl in the States, Too… Has Big Potential”

“CL is a Cool Girl in the States, Too… Has Big Potential”

Many people are curious about CL’s debut in the United States. I heard news that the preparation is going well.

“I can’t say it’s going well, but Scooter Braun, PSY’s manager in the Unites States, is making a lot of efforts to help her, with his affection for her. I think she has a big potential in the country as well, if only an appropriate promotion is carried out. Korean in the eyes of the American people and the Korean people are different, especially in the case of women. You think pop star Nicki Minaj would succeed in Korea? So far, there has been no one case of Asian female singer achieving success in the United States, especially for female rappers. However, as a new paradigm has been formed in the country, foreign singers have recently succeeded in the country. Scooter Braun is such a smart man, so he looked at Asia right away, for a new potential. He liked CL, in that she is a good rapper and good dresser. Actually, in terms of just external beauty, Korean girl groups are better. However, Americans see things differently. They like cool girls. CL may succeed in the States or many not, but I’ll do my best as she has the potential.”

2015. 4. 27.

(Source: YG Life)


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