[PIC/VID] 150912 CL Performs at MDBP Berkeley 2015

CL during Interview



Put it on ice, bitch Doctor Pepper😛 #CL #maddecent #mdbp2015 #berkeley #greektheater

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#mdbp15 #maddecentblockparty #CL #drpepper #greektheatre #diplo #2ne1 #kpop

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(Source: SFSTATION + KMUSIC  + HouseNationFM + igot_no_jams + Tim Mosenfelder @ Getty Images + therealwasabi + seagsees + moseskinnah + stjohnsofierce + 997now + tooffunny + udderlydelight + michelle_abao + MDBlockParty + jl_jialu + sweetpookie_pea85 + annabelaly + jui6e + Babylonian + ChristianSaad + notoriouslywild + _batmantoyou + sweetpookie_pea85)


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