[ARTICLE] 151118 YG Life: “2NE1’s CL is drawing big anticipation for her solo comeback”

2NE1’s CL is drawing big anticipation for her solo comeback

[OSEN=정준화 기자] It is the time that we have been waiting for. 2NE1’s CL is finally coming back. As CL has always stood under big spotlight from media outlets not only in Korea but also in overseas countries, music fans’ anticipation for her comeback is rising very high. The focus of interest for CL’s comeback will be what kind influence her collaboration with world-famous artists so far had on her and how much she has grown as an artist.

On November 18 at 9am, YG Entertainment released a poster titled “CL – HELLO BITCHES” on the company’s official blog (www.yg-life.com), to announce CL’s solo comeback. According to poster, the title of CL’s new song is “HELLO BITCHES” and it will be released on November 21 at 21 o’clock.

On the 17 this month, YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK and other YG artists including G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, CL, and DARA posted mysterious message of English alphabets on their respective Instagram accounts, giving hints on the artist to come back on the 21.

Considering the fact that the time of the new song’s release is 9pm, it is highly likely that CL’s new song will be released in both Korea and the United States at the same time. Usually, YG’s new songs are released at 0 o’clock or at noon, which is not the case for CL who releases her new song on 9pm. Plus, as CL has been consistently working on preparation for her debut in the Sates, her new release is highly likely to be the starting point for her official solo debut in the country.

CL has been preparing for her solo debut in the United States after signing a contract with SB PROJECT of Scooter Braun who helped PSY’s success in the States. She also built presence among global music fans by featuring for Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe” in December last year and for Diplo’s single “Dr. Pepper” in May this year.

Plus, CL showed off her global influence by performing with world-famous artists in MDBP (Mad Decent Block Party) held in the States and Canada and standing under big spotlight from major foreign media outlets.

CL is the first-ever Korean female singer who is preparing for official debut in the States in earnest. That is why CL’s comeback is drawing all the more attention. As CL has been evaluated as a “perfect female solo singer” who is fully armed with talented rapping and singing, as well as fancy performances and full charisma and as she is fluent in four languages, her preparation for overseas performances has been carried out so smoothly, according to insiders.

The fact that CL is releasing a new song after a long time of absence is another reason for the big interest in her comeback. She is coming back about one year and 10 months after 2NE1’s album “CRUSH” which was released early last year. Because fans have been desperately waiting for CL’s comeback for such a long time, the anticipation for her new song is rising even higher.

It will be worthwhile to look forward to what new performances CL will present for her solo comeback this time.

2015. 11. 18.

(Source: YG Life)


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