[PIC] 160407 CL for Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 12

CL on the cover of Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 12 ❤️❤️❤️


Behind the scenes:

Highsnobiety 12 cover star, Chaelin “CL” Lee, is a household name in South Korea and much of Asia.

She’s had huge success as a hip-hop-tinged pop star (as her 3.8 million Instagram followers and hundreds of millions of YouTube video views would suggest), yet has managed to stay, for the most part, outside the scope of the American consciousness. It’s actually exciting to realize that even in the age of limitless global access, there’s still plenty out there to discover that you may have been missing out on, even while millions of others are already fans.

The theme of Highsnobiety 12 is appropriation. Though appropriation can be a bit of a dirty word, when we talk appropriation we’re speaking about the shift of culture and the evolution that happens when artists and designers influence one another. Through crossfertilization and the globalization of subcultures, creatives around the planet are building on the groundwork laid by those who came before them, thus shaping our future.

(Source: bruil.info + highsnobiety + dasomhan_kr + elaineyjlee + gorilli + mkistore)


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