[VIDEO] 160819 CL – “LIFTED” MV

“LIFTED” is CL’s first official US single. The word “LIFTED” is used as the title of the song to mean “feeling upbeat and high”; produced by TEDDY and co-written by TEDDY, CL & American rapper Asher Roth. The song contains interpolations of “Method Man”, a song by the legendary ‘90s hip-hop group Wu- Tang Clan. CL met Method Man in person and played “LIFTED” to him, and it is said that he liked the song very much. The original version is sung by a male rapper, but CL added a sexy and mystical feel to it. Method Man appears as a cameo in the music video to show his support for CL.

#LIFTEDbyCL is available on:
☁️ Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play https://ChaelinCL.lnk.to/LIFTEDTW
☁️ Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/14CTbdFLxkwGd7VojOlzJM

#LIFTEDbyCL is sung in English, so it will not be released on Korea’s music streaming websites.


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