[PIC/VID] 161007 CL at Live Edition by ZoukOut in Hong Kong


Oh, hello bitches. #cl #2ne1 #formulaehk #zoukout #berrieskitchen

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@chaelincl we love u #live #music #zoukoutHong #zoukout #kpop #CL

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CL @ zoukout #zoukout #cl

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CL woo #cl #2ne1 #zoukout

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CL during rehearsal:

(Source: method331 + aaronmiao + astro64 + choice37 + suskihanna + dorisngie + j0ycekan + hkclubbing.com + Choszesze + cheuklingxxi + billboardradiochina + 9saturn9 + gg_sophie_gg + whereisbenli + jasper_dools + leannefu_1027 + greedygremlin + manyeesummer + heistruck + prestigehk + thepulsehk + jcheng___)


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